Easy Intern Assignment: Facebook Fan Pages with Craig Collins

In this Easy Intern Assignment we are going to teach your interns how to create a Facebook Fan Page. A Fan Page is for creating a personal brand. It is a way to connect to your audience directly or for your organization to talk about their services directly to their customers or potential customers.

Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Craig Collins

Craig Collins is the President of Social Media Edge, Inc, providing training and coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Craig has trained over 2000 small business owners on social media marketing. He speaks at national events and seminars, and currently manages several social media campaigns for clients.

Craig is also the Co-Founder of Custom Fan Page Creator which provides custom Facebook fan page solutions for small business owners.

Craig Collins Shows You...

How to set up your Fanpage from "ground zero", the right way (even if you don't have one yet, you'll have a Fanpage set up in MINUTES, not hours) The surprising truth about how often you should post to your Fanpage (to keep your readers and fans engaged, but without annoying them)
The secrets of "tagging" your competition doesn't want you know (We used this strategy to get 56 comments in only 15 hours from 1 single Facebook post and got a ton of new friends & fans from it) The secret "two step" process to help you build your email list using your Facebook Fanpage (this is so simple, yet so genius you HAVE to see it)
How to grow your fans like wildfire using your website and your blog (and drive more viral traffic from Facebook) The one critical Fanpage mistake that we committed (and how Craig helped us fix it!)
What FBML is and why it's the most powerful aspect of your Facebook Fanpage (hint: it let's you customize your Facebook Fanpage) The single best way to customize your Fanpage so your visitors see the exact message you want them to (this is extremely useful when segmenting new fans from returning ones)
The simple trick to promoting your Fanpage on your other social media sites to get more fans (most other Facebook "gurus" don't even know this exists!) The surprising truth why companies like Sony are sending people to their Facebook Fanpage and NOT their homepage (and why you can and should do the same)