Facebook Groups with Scott Bradley

In this Easy Intern Assignment we are going to learn how to use Facebook Groups to create personal relationships with like-minded groups of people. This Easy Intern Assignment will help you build rapport with others interested in your product or service to ultimately drive sales. The main reason to have a Facebook Group is that you can directly reach your members via email through updates.

Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley is a Rapid Results Marketer who helps entrepreneurs quickly generate loyal paying customers using the web and other innovative technologies.

Scott Bradley is the founder of Rapid Results Marketing Group LLC which helps entrepreneurs quickly generate loyal paying customers using the web. As a direct response marketer, speaker and social media strategist, he has worked with New York Times best selling authors, and has successfully helped clients increase their direct-to-consumer sales by over 50%.

Scott Bradley Shows You...

How Facebook groups can help you laser target your audience (even if you've never been on Facebook before) The secret advantages of Facebook Groups over Facebook Fanpages (this is huge for reaching your target audience)
How to use groups to drive traffic to your other websites How to "Piggy Back" Fanpages off of your groups
The secret naming strategies for your group that your competition hopes you never find out The single best way to message your group members (to send your open and click through rates through the roof!)