Easy Intern Assignment: SEO Back Link Building with Brian Horn

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ you will learn the concept of building "backlinks" to help improve your website's ranking in Google and other search engines. Backlinks are the foundation of a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, and this assignment will show you how to more backlinks, and higher quality backlinks. We'll also dive into some core and "advanced" SEO strategies that you can implement right away and see your website climb higher in Google's rankings (and hopefully right onto page 1).

Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Brian Horn

Best Selling Author, Brian Horn, is recognized by many as the "SEO Guru to the Stars" because of his role in helping many of the top celebrity entrepreneurs in the world with the search engine optimization and internet marketing.

He consulted for Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer, Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher, martial arts world champion Lloyd Irving, and even iconic rapper/entrepreneur Vanilla Ice.

Brian has consulted with these celebrity entrepreneurs in secrecy for nearly 5 years before exploding onto the scene in 2009 like a tsunami.

Brian has been profiled and featured on ABC, CBS, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. His lessons on search engine optimization can also be found at Harvard, Purdue, Yale, CalTech, UCLA, Cornell, NYU and many other top tier universities.

Inc Magazine recently named Brian as "The Be On Page 1 of Google Guru" and an "emerging business leader to watch".

Brian famously got a client on page 1 of Google for the 7th most searched term of the year in only 8 months, and took another client to the #1 position for a term with 30,000,000 searches per month…in just 3 weeks.

Additionally, Brian's system got one client to page 1 of all the search engines for every competitive term in their niche…and sales exploded from $0 to over $4 million in just 9 months.

Brian is a devoted husband, proud father, the undisputed Leader of the Instant Linkerati Mafia, and an advocate for children with Down syndrome.

On This Training With Brian You'll Discover

Why some links are more valuable than others The "secret" way ANYONE can get powerful .edu backlinks to their website
An underground ninja strategy (Code Named: "____________ SEO") that will allow you to *ethically* siphon off traffic from your competition without them even knowing it – (wait until you see how easy this is set up) Exactly how to secure a proprietary set of backlinks from Ivy League Universities that will not only make your site an instant authority, it will literally FORCE Google to rank you at the top of Page 1 (Brian's top clients do NOT want you knowing about this)
His "Celebrity Linking" tactic that got him a link from one of the most well know CEO's in the world – (and how you can get celebrities to link to your site for instant credibility in Google's eyes) The single greatest key to ranking #1 in Google that 99% of so-called 'experts' don't even KNOW (just implementing this one strategy will rocket your site to the top of Google mountain)