Easy Intern Assignment: Social SEO with Sam Bell

In this Easy Intern Assignment we will discuss how you can utilize social SEO in your business. We'll cover Facebook, Twitter, link building strategies and a lot more..

Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Sam Bell

Sam Bell is a former IT professional who is committed to helping others reach their goals in Internet marketing as well as real estate investing.

Sam has a passion for Internet marketing and all things related to technology including the emerging field of using Social Media Optimization to maximize profits. He is a true new age mentor teaching Web 2.0, SEO, microblogging, traffic generation, virtual reputation management and many other techniques that are so essential in today's busy virtual marketplaces.

Here's Just SOME Of What Sam Shares With You...

How to structure your social networks so they integrate with your blog The one thing you must NEVER do when setting up your social networking profiles
The 10 social bookmarking sites you MUST be using today The top 8 RRS feeds that can drive hoards of traffic to your websites
What a link wheel is, and how to build one The secrets of RSS Mashups (and how to use them)