Easy Intern Assignment: Twitter with Sean Malarkey

In this Easy Intern Assignment we will discuss how you can utilize Twitter in your business.

Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Sean Malarkey

Sean is the founder of Twixplode and specializes in showing businesses and professionals how to use Twitter to build responsive lists of followers who will buy your products and services like crazy, because they are rabid fans!

Sean shows you how to get ROI from Twitter – and avoid the time-wasting mistakes most people make!

On This "No Holds Barred" Twitter Training Sean Reveals...

The fatal flaws people make when setting up their profile (and how you can easily avoid them) How to rapidly grow your list of relevant followers
The single best way to separate your business Twitter account from your personal and exactly when to do it The simple trick to get laser targeted, relevant followers (most Twitter "experts" get this all wrong)
How to use your competition to grow your following (even if you don't have a Twitter presence today) The 3 keys to engaging your followers and being active on Twitter (without being seen as a spammer)
The single best way to get targeted local followers How to automate welcome messages to engage your followers