Easy Intern Assignment: Video Marketing with Peter Kolat

In this Easy Intern Assignment we are going to talk about how to use video marketing in your business to increase your online visibility through search engine optimization.

Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Peter Kolat

Peter Kolat is a Marketing Specialist on the Internet. Business owners gain an important competitive advantage in their markets by utilizing his internet marketing strategies including article marketing, joint ventures, press releases, SEO, PPC, social media/Web 2.0 and video marketing. Peter's IDS is a full system developed for dominating markets on the internet.

Peter Kolat's Video Training Shows You...

Why you need video marketing in your business today (hint: Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world) The free website that distributes your videos to 20+ other sites in addition to YouTube (that your competition is praying you don't find out about)
The 11 different types of videos you and your intern can create The one thing that your video MUST contain, no matter how long or short it is
How to "break up" your videos to get more views and more subscribers How keyword research can tell you what to name your videos
How to use video descriptions to get more traffic back to your website Little know YouTube "tricks" to make your videos show up in the search engines
The simple strategy that allows you to "piggyback" traffic from viral videos on YouTube What Google's free "video sitemap" tool is and how you can use it to promote your own videos
The secret trick to "mimic" other videos on YouTube to get more traffic to your videos (most other business owners will never figure this out)