Easy Intern Assignment: Wordpress Training With Cory Miller

In this Easy Intern Assignment you will learn how to use WordPress to grow and expand your business and dominate your industry.

Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Cory Miller

Cory Miller is the founder of iThemes.com, PluginBuddy.com and WebDesign.com, all focused on providing high-quality WordPress products and training.

Based in Oklahoma City, he started the company in Jan. 2008 and now has a team of over 14. He got his start with WordPress for a professional blog and started dabbling in WordPress theme design before starting his current business.

On This Wordpress Training With Cory We'll Share...

How to use Wordpress to quickly and easily build websites & blogs Access to over 75 more free videos and tutorials!
How to install the RIGHT plugins each and every time, even if you're not a web developer or programmer The single best plugins you need for your wordpress site (and they're free!)
The secrets of Wordpress your "web guy" hopes you never figured out (because if you do, you won't have a need for him any longer!) The surprising truth about "widgets" and how they can help your website become more user friendly
The secrets to making your Wordpress site super easy for the search engines to find you (so you can rank high in Google and your customers & prospects find quickly and easily find you when they search online)