"...We're Going To Train YOUR Intern(s) For YOU,
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Below Are 14 Turnkey "Easy Intern Assignments" That You Can Literally
Hand To Your Intern & Watch Them Generate More Leads, More Sales,
More Revenue & More Profits For Your Business!

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

If you're hiring an army of interns just like we show you how to do in our Intern Profits System™ there's going to eventually come a time when you wonder to yourself...

"What are the interns going to do next?"

Fortunately for you, on this very page, we have solved that problem for EVERYONE, no matter WHAT kind of business you own, or where it's located (yes, these Easy Intern Assignments™ are perfect tasks to assign to a "Virtual Intern")

We Sought Out Specific Industry Experts To Teach Your Interns Key Tasks That Will Explode The Growth And Profitability Of Your Business

And the best part is that no matter WHAT kind of business you own, your intern(s) will be able to engage in these activities and drive more leads, more sales, more revenue and more profits for you and your business.

We call them Easy Intern Assignments™ because they're easy assignments you can just "hand off" to your intern. The best part is that the experts we've chosen to lead the training sessions are industry leaders in their respective disciplines.

Normally we charge $47 for each of the training sessions, but because you're a valued client of ours, you're not going to pay anywhere near that amount today.

Read On To See Exactly What These "Easy Intern Assignments" Are,
And The Special Pricing That We've Arranged For You Today

So What ARE The Easy Intern Assignments™?

The Easy Intern Assignments™ are pre-made systems and training sessions that you can hand to your interns, right out of the box! They are literally turn-key intern training!

Here's The Current List Of Every "Easy Intern Assignment"
You're Getting Today:

Wordpress   Blogging
Website Analytics Facebook Groups
Twitter SEO
Press Releases Video Marketing
Social SEO Teleseminars
Facebook Fanpages Affiliate Marketing
SEO Linkbuidling Local Search


Purchased alone these individual trainings would cost you $47 EACH, but act now and you can get all of them for only $297, which is a savings of over 54%!

We know you're serious about building your business, and providing turn-key training to your interns. And if you purchased these Easy Intern Assignments™ individually for $47 each you'd spend $658.

But because you're a valued customer, today, as a special one time offer, you can get all of them for only $297, which is a savings of over 54%!

Here's a detailed look at each Easy Intern Assignment,™ faculty member, and exactly what you're getting:

Wordpress Training With Cory Miller

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ you will learn how to use WordPress to grow and expand your business and dominate your industry. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Cory Miller.

Cory Miller is the founder of iThemes.com, PluginBuddy.com and WebDesign.com, all focused on providing high-quality WordPress products and training.

Based in Oklahoma City, he started the company in Jan. 2008 and now has a team of over 14. He got his start with WordPress for a professional blog and started dabbling in WordPress theme design before starting his current business.

On This Wordpress Training With Cory We'll Share...

How to use Wordpress to quickly and easily build websites & blogs Access to over 75 more free videos and tutorials!)
How to install the RIGHT plugins each and every time, even if you're not a web developer or programmer The single best plugins you need for your wordpress site (and they're free!)
The surprising truth about "widgets" and how they can help your website become more user friendly The secrets of Wordpress your "web guy" hopes you never figure out (because if you do, you won't need him any longer!)
The secrets to making your Wordpress site super easy for the search engines to find you (so you rank high in Google, while your customers and prospects find you quickly and easily in their online searches.)

Easy Intern Assignment: Blogging with Yaro Starak

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we will walk you through how to use blogging in your business to build your customer base and ultimately your buyers list. We will walk you through how to: set up your blog; write great content for it; market it; and monetize it. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Yaro Starak.

Yaro Starak is a professional blogger, best known for Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, a blog that teaches people how to start a successful Internet business, read by over 90,000 subscribers.

A true entrepreneur, in the last ten years Yaro's started an English school, an online proofreading business, bought and sold websites for profit and consulted on Internet businesses.

Today, Yaro is focused on his passion - blogging. He consistently earns over $20,000 per month from his blog and launched a coaching program, http://www.blogmastermind.com, to help others replicate his blogging success.

Yaro spent 8 months of 2008 traveling around the world, visiting 25 different cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Dubai and Singapore, all the while writing to his blog from each city and running his business.

Yaro truly lives the 2-hour work day lifestyle, with ample freedom to enjoy life while making a well above average income thanks to the Internet.

On This Blogging Training With Yaro We'll Reveal...

Why EVERY single business needs a blog The difference between blogging TACTICS and blogging STRATEGY
7 different ways to drive HOARDS of traffic to your blog (your intern will be able to do all of these for you) What "pillar articles" are and how they can flood your site with traffic (and how your intern can quickly and easily write these for you)
The 2 core principles for successful blogging How "controversy" and "top list" strategies can explode your blogs readership and popularity
The top 3 things your intern can do to explode your blog traffic The 4 simple steps to turning your blog into a money machine
Why interviews are important, and why interviewing your competition is even MORE important

Easy Intern Assignment: Website Analytics with Kirt Christensen

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we will walk you through how to utilize Google Analytics to find out who is visiting your website, where they are coming from and what they are doing while they are on your site. And most importantly, we will show you how to figure out if your visitors are taking the actions that you want them to take. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Kirt Christensen

Kirt Christensen is an Internet entrepreneur who started his first company in 1996, at age 23. Since then, he's seen over $29,000,000 in online sales, selling everything from loose diamonds to paintball guns. In the last 2 years, he's spent over $2.1 million dollars on Google Adwords for himself and his select clients, and is a Google certified Adwords Professional.

Get On This Training With Kirt & Discover...

Why EVERY business needs Google Analytics on their website (and the best part is it's free!) Why analytics is so powerful (hint: know what your web visitors are doing, where they come from, and what they're searching for)
The surprising truth about what a "conversion" is, why it's important, and why it's different for every single business The secrets of "split testing" (and how they can solve any debate about how to build your website)
How to use Google Website Optimizer to run these tests (another free tool from Google your intern can implement) Why your opinion doesn't count: how get the public to tell you what's best for your website

Easy Intern Assignment: Facebook Fan Pages with Craig Collins

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we are going to teach your interns how to create a Facebook Fan Page. A Fan Page is for creating a personal brand. It is a way to connect to your audience directly or for your organization to talk about their services directly to their customers or potential customers. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Craig Collins

Craig Collins is the President of Social Media Edge, Inc, providing training and coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Craig has trained over 2000 small business owners on social media marketing. He speaks at national events and seminars, and currently manages several social media campaigns for clients.

Craig is also the Co-Founder of Custom Fan Page Creator which provides custom Facebook fan page solutions for small business owners.

Mr. Collins resides in Vail, CO.

Watch As Craig Reveals To You..

How to set up your Fanpage from “ground zero”, the right way (even if you don’t have one yet, you’ll have a Fanpage set up in MINUTES, not hours) The surprising truth about how often you should post to your Fanpage (to keep your readers and fans engaged, but without annoying them)
The secrets of "tagging" your competition doesn't want you know (We used this strategy to get 56 comments in only 15 hours from 1 single Facebook post and got a ton of new friends & fans from it) The secret “two step” process to help you build your email list using your Facebook Fanpage (this is so simple, yet so genius you HAVE to see it)
How to grow your fans like wildfire using your website and your blog (and drive more viral traffic from Facebook) The one critical Fanpage mistake that we committed (and how Craig helped us fix it!)
What FBML is and why it's the most powerful aspect of your Facebook Fanpage (hint: it lets you customize your Facebook Fanpage) The single best way to customize your Fanpage so your visitors see the exact message you want them to (this is extremely useful when segmenting new fans from returning ones)
The simple trick to promoting your Fanpage on your other social media sites to get more fans (most other Facebook “gurus” don’t even know this exists!) The surprising truth why companies like Sony are sending people to their Facebook Fanpage and NOT their homepage (and why you can and should do the same)
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Easy Intern Assignment: Facebook Groups with Scott Bradley

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we are going to learn how to use Facebook Groups to create personal relationships with like-minded groups of people. This Easy Intern Assignment will help you build rapport with others interested in your product or service to ultimately drive sales. The main reason to have a Facebook Group is that you can directly reach your members via email through updates. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley is a Rapid Results Marketer who helps entrepreneurs quickly generate loyal paying customers using the web and other innovative technologies.

Scott Bradley is the founder of Rapid Results Marketing Group LLC which helps entrepreneurs quickly generate loyal paying customers using the web. As a direct response marketer, speaker and social media strategist, he has worked with New York Times best selling authors, and has successfully helped clients increase their direct-to-consumer sales by over 50%.

Scott Bradley Shows You...

How Facebook groups can help you laser target your audience (even if you've never been on Facebook before) The secret advantages of Facebook Groups over Facebook Fanpages (this is huge for reaching your target audience)
How to use groups to drive traffic to your other websites How to "Piggy Back" Fanpages off of your groups
The secret naming strategies for your group that your competition hopes you never find out The single best way to message your group members (to send your open and click through rates through the roof!)

Easy Intern Assignment: Twitter with Sean Malarkey

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we will discuss how you can utilize Twitter in your business. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Sean Malarkey

Sean is the founder of Twixplode and specializes in showing businesses and professionals how to use Twitter to build responsive lists of followers that will buy your products and services like crazy, because they are rabid fans!

Sean shows you how to get ROI from Twitter - and avoid the time-wasting mistakes most people make!

On This "No Holds Barred" Twitter Training Sean Reveals...

The fatal flaws people make when setting up their profile (and how you can easily avoid them) How to rapidly grow your list of relevant followers
The single best way to separate your business Twitter account from your personal when (and exactly when to do it) The simple trick to get laser targeted, relevant followers (most Twitter "experts" get this all wrong)
How to use your competition to grow your following (even if you don't have a Twitter presence today) The 3 keys to engaging your followers and being active on Twitter (without being seen as a spammer)
The single best way to get a laser targeted local following How to automate welcome messages to engage your followers

Easy Intern Assignment: Press Releases With Marc Harty

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we explain how to use press releases in your business to drive traffic to your website or storefront and raise your profile either locally or nationally (even worldwide). We will also discuss how to track the performance of each of your press releases and how to create a press strategy to build your business. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Marc Harty.

Marc Harty is CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc., a ROI driven, marketing consulting and training company. Marc and MainTopic have trained tens of thousands of people, and hundreds of businesses, from beginners to industry thought leaders on how to attract and convert sustainable, targeted, ready to buy traffic to their websites.

Marc is known as the 30 Minute PR guy. His breakthrough Online PR Made Easy System has generated over 6100 first page search engine rankings for his customers. Author of "Strategic Traffic: 21 Time tested Traffic Methods At $0 Ad Cost," Marc's career spans 25 years in Strategic Marketing and has generated over $239 million dollars for customers and clients

Here's Just A FEW Things Marc Shares With You...

How someone who has no visibility and no kind of traction in a market can enter it and get the attention of the people in that market. How the internet has completely leveled the playing field for press (it's not the old newspaper way anymore)
The single best method to getting "instant credibility" in your field, even if you have NONE right now. The secrets to competing with the "Big Boys" in your industry on a shoestring budget (or even for free)
Why interns LOVE writing press releases, and how they can explode your business Free training on how to write a press release
The best places to submit your releases online (for FREE!) The four phases of Press Releases (and how your intern can put them in place for you)
A little known trick to make your Press Releases "timeless" The simple formulaic way to write a successful press release every time.
The surprising truth about "Social Media" press releases (and how your intern can do them for you every time!)

Easy Intern Assignment: SEO Basics with Terry Wygal

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we cover the basic skills for dominating Google Search by using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Terry Wygal

Terry Wygal took a bold leap of faith and quit his high-paying, high-stress corporate job in April of 2000 to become a full-time real estate investor.

He has since bought and sold over 150 houses, establishing him as an expert in the real estate field and earning him a solid reputation in the real estate investment community, as well as the respect and friendship of many of the top national real estate investment experts.

Terry also creates high-powered, automated lead generation systems using cutting edge online traffic techniques and SEO that floods real estate investors and agents with never-ending streams of ready-to-move buyers and sellers!

On This SEO Training Terry Lets You Know...

The secret domain name tricks you can benefit from The BEST free keyword research tools (your intern can use these!)
Why geography matters when it comes to being found on the search engines The best free sites to setup and distribute your content
How to use articles & videos the right way


Easy Intern Assignment: Video Marketing with Peter Kolat

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we are going to talk about how to use video marketing in your business to increase your online visibility through search engine optimization. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Peter Kolat

Peter Kolat is a Marketing Specialist on the Internet. Business owners gain an important competitive advantage in their markets by utilizing his internet marketing strategies including article marketing, joint ventures, press releases, SEO, PPC, social media/Web 2.0 and video marketing. Peter's IDS is a full system developed for dominating markets on the internet.

Peter Kolat's Video Training Shows You...

Why you need video marketing in your business today (hint: Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world) The free website that distributes your videos to 20+ other sites in addition to YouTube (that your competition is praying you don't find out about)
The 11 different types of videos you and your intern can create The one thing that your video MUST contain, no matter how long or short it is
How to "break up" your videos to get more views and more subscribers How keyword research can tell you what to name your videos
How to use video descriptions to get more traffic back to your website

Little known YouTube "tricks" to make your videos show up in the search engines
The simple strategy that allows you to "piggyback" traffic from viral videos on YouTube What Google's free "video sitemap" tool is and how you can use it to promote your own videos

The secret trick to "mimic" other videos on YouTube to get more traffic to your videos (most other business owners will never figure this out)

Easy Intern Assignment: Social SEO with Sam Bell

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ we will discuss how you can utilize social SEO in your business. We'll cover Facebook, Twitter, link building strategies and a lot more.Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Sam Bell

Sam Bell is former IT professional who is committed to helping others reach their goals in Internet marketing as well as real estate investing.

Sam has a passion for Internet marketing and all things related to technology including the emerging field of using Social Media Optimization to maximize profits. He is a true new age mentor teaching Web 2.0, SEO, microblogging, traffic generation, virtual reputation management and many other techniques that are so essential in today's busy virtual marketplaces.

Here's Just SOME Of What Sam Shares With You...

How to structure your social networks so they integrate with your blog The one thing you must NEVER do when setting up your social networking profiles
The 10 social bookmarking sites you MUST be using today The top 8 RSS feeds that can drive hoards of traffic to your websites
What a link wheel is, and how to build one The secrets of RSS Mashups (and how to use them)

Easy Intern Assignment: Teleseminars for Business with Bob Jenkins

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ you will learn how to create and use teleseminars in your business to gain new customers and sales. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins.

Since 2006, Bob has used, hosted, or appeared on over 300 teleseminars to teach entrepreneurs the skills and strategies they need to succeed with internet marketing.

Internationally recognized for his training, Bob simplifies the complex steps required to implement teleseminars into an entrepreneur's business. His Teleseminar Formula is frequently cited as the best teleseminar training for work at home and solo professionals with no teleseminar experience.

On This Training Bob Reveals...

How giving free audios to your partner companies can help both of you explode your business The single best way to use teleseminars as a customer acquisition & retention tool
The simple trick to working with your intern to create audio assets for your business The 5 best free conference call and teleseminar tools that you can use so you can get started now
How to turn an audio into a video (a secret trick that will leave your competitors scratching their heads) How to get CDs produced for less than $2 each

Easy Intern Assignment: Affiliate Marketing with Andy Hussong

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ you will learn how to get more of your products and services sold by attracting joint venture partners and affiliates. These partners and affiliates are going to help you promote the products that you either have created, or that you will create in the future. This assignment will show your intern how to help you get an army of affiliates working for you. Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Andy Hussong.

Andy Hussong spent 5+ years as the affiliate manager for well-known Internet marketing expert, John Reese, and after evaluating hundreds of JV proposals, affiliate programs, and product launch opportunities, he began coaching online business owners on how to properly attract affiliates and JV partners, as well as to create their own highly effective affiliate programs.

Consequently, from this experience - and because he saw a huge need in the marketplace - he developed his proprietary “F.A.S.T.E.R. JV Attraction Formula”, which is a system for not only attracting your ideal JV partners and affiliates... but also for MOTIVATING them to take action, selling your products and services on a consistent basis.

Andy’s also a devoted husband, father of four sons, “Kids Hope” mentor, and youth baseball coach who takes great pride in teaching young people to believe in themselves and to always “expect to win” the game of life... and takes that same passion for building positive relationships to the online world, showing online business owners how to win with joint ventures and affiliate programs.

On This Training Andy Shows You...

His 10 step "JV Attraction Formula" How to get droves of affiliates begging to promote you and your products
The single best way to motivate affiliates How to find affiliates on autopilot
Why you MUST have an easy way to train your affiliates How to recognize EVERY affiliate you have (and why this results in more sales)
The single best way to cold call a big time promoter and get them to promote your product (without being seen as annoying or pushy) The importance of your affiliate "Funnel" (and why it's critical to your success)

Easy Intern Assignment: SEO Back Link Building with Brian Horn

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ you will learn the concept of building "backlinks" to help improve your website's ranking in Google and other search engines. Backlinks are the foundation of a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, and this assignment will show you how to more backlinks, and higher quality backlinks. We'll also dive into some core and "advanced" SEO strategies that you can implement right away and see your website climb higher in Google's rankings (and hopefully right onto page 1). Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is Brian Horn.

Best Selling Author, Brian Horn, is recognized by many as the "SEO Guru to the Stars" because of his role in helping many of the top celebrity entrepreneurs in the world with the search engine optimization and internet marketing.

He consulted for Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer, Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher, martial arts world champion Lloyd Irving, and even iconic rapper/entrepreneur Vanilla Ice.

Brian has consulted with these celebrity entrepreneurs in secrecy for nearly 5 years before exploding onto the scene in 2009 like a tsunami.

Brian has been profiled and featured on ABC, CBS, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. His lessons on search engine optimization can also be found at Harvard, Purdue, Yale, CalTech, UCLA, Cornell, NYU and many other top tier universities.

Inc Magazine recently named Brian as "The Be On Page 1 of Google Guru" and an "emerging business leader to watch".

Brian famously got a client on page 1 of Google for the 7th most searched term of the year in only 8 months, and took another client to the #1 position for a term with 30,000,000 searches per month…in just 3 weeks.

Additionally, Brian's system got one client to page 1 of all the search engines for every competitive term in their niche…and sales exploded from $0 to over $4 million in just 9 months.

Brian is a devoted husband, proud father, the undisputed Leader of the Instant Linkerati Mafia, and an advocate for children with Down syndrome.

On This Training With Brian You'll Discover

Why some links are more valuable than others The "secret" way ANYONE can get powerful .edu backlinks to their website
An underground ninja strategy (Code Named: "____________ SEO") that will allow you to *ethically* siphon off traffic from your competition without them even knowing it – (wait until you see how easy this is set up) Exactly how to secure a proprietary set of backlinks from Ivy League Universities that will not only make your site an instant authority, it will literally FORCE Google to rank you at the top of Page 1 (Brian's top clients do NOT want you knowing about this)
His "Celebrity Linking" tactic that got him a link from one of the most well know CEO's in the world – (and how you can get celebrities to link to your site for instant credibility in Google's eyes) The single greatest key to ranking #1 in Google that 99% of so-called 'experts' don't even KNOW (just implementing this one strategy will rocket your site to the top of Google mountain)

Easy Intern Assignment: Local Search Marketing with Michael X

In this Easy Intern Assignment™ you will discover the power of "Local Search" and how to get your website found by "local" buyers. Discover how to use Google Maps to your advantage, and how you can get your business listed on page 1 of Google, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A WEBSITE! People search "locally" now, when the search online. This Easy Intern Assignment breaks it down step by step for you, showing you how to use Google Insights to beat your competition! Your faculty member for this Easy Intern Assignment is "Michael X"

Michael Taggart is the CEO of Adventure Marketing, LLC, a consulting company providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services, online marketing and paid advertising assistance to businesses.

Mr. Taggart, better known as "Michael X," is an expert in local search marketing and mobile marketing. He first started learning search engine marketing and user search behaviors over 11 years ago. Since then, he has gone on to start several six figure a year businesses online and has consulted for internet marketing heavyweights: Frank Kern, Anik Singal and Russell Brunson.

After over a year and a half of teaching his extensive internet marketing skills to some of the biggest marketers and their followers on the web, Mr. Taggart began experimenting with a new form of SEO that he would later name "Micro SEO."

Mr. Taggart uncovered the "holy grail" of internet marketing - local search marketing, and created his unique system called "Maps Magic." His system works for offline business owners, affiliate marketers, SEO consultants, lead brokers, site flippers, and more. The strategies taught in the "Maps Magic" training program create more traffic, generate more leads, and create more sales for just about any business that implements his system.

Michael's 2 Hour Content Packed Webinar Reveals

How to leverage "Google Insights" to know EXACTLY what your customers are searching for (hint: people use different search terms in different areas...you simply MUST learn how this applies to your business) How to get all of your keywords into your profile without "stuffing" them (and making it seem completely natural)
How to properly fill out your Google Places profile the correct way How to "spy" on your biggest competitors, and 4 "sneaky" methods to steal traffic from them!
The power of customers reviews (and how to get them, and then leverage them to boost your site's rankings) Exactly what a "KML" file is, why you need them on your site, and how to use them to skyrocket to the top of page 1 (we can pretty much guarantee your competition isn't using this strategy)
How to control the geographic area that your Google places listing will appear (and why this is so important to attracting the kind of customers) How Google Maps can get your business listed on page 1 of Google (even if you don't have a website!)

Wow! That's a lot of expert firepower you get as part of this system! That's right! We've got an all-star staff TRAINING YOUR INTERNS. And the best part? You don't have to lift a finger!

Your Interns Will LOVE Working On These Assignments And You're Going To LOVE The RESULTS They Generate For You & Your Business!

Your Easy Intern Assignments™ will become an invaluable part of your internship program- because we've taken one of the hardest things to do in any intern program, and we've done it for you. You get:

"Real World" Tasks & Projects that your intern will love (and will grow your business faster than ever)
Documented Systems with all the needed instructions
They are Complete and ready to be handed-off to your intern
Solves the "What Does the Intern DO?" Question- Never wonder about this again, and never waste your time or your staff's
This is "Turn Key Intern Training" with real experts on real topics

"I Recommend It To Anybody!"

"I'm a sustainability consultant for Real Estate Investors. Before I had interns working for me, my life was crazy. Check out Justin and Dreama's Intern Profits... it's really complete... extremely valuable regardless of what kind of business you're in. It gives you a step by step guide... just get started right away! Justin and Dreama's program is great and I recommend it to anybody."

Jim Simcoe, Consultant

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

We know you're serious about building your business, and providing turn-key training to your interns. And each of the "Experts" on this page charge anywhere from $500-750 per HOUR for a private consultation. The value of each of these trainings alone are $200 each, or $2,800.

But Today, You're Not Going To Pay $2,800.
Not Even Close...

As we said, each of these experts charge anywhere from $500-750 per HOUR for a private consultation. And we actually sell these Easy Intern Assignments™ individually for only $47 each. And when you consider that each one includes the video/audio training, transcript & "Action Item" checklist for only $47 each they are an absolute steal...

You're Not Even Going To Pay $47 For Each Training!

Today, as a special one time offer, you can get ALL of the Easy Intern Assignments™ for only $297. This is a special discount we're offering because you're already a valued client, and we know that you're serious about building your business. Plus, these Easy Intern Assignments™ can you implemented by ANYONE, not just an intern. Whether it's you, your partner, your virtual assistant, or literally ANYONE ELSE in your office or on your team.

Purchased Individually All Of These Training Sessions Would Cost You An Additional $658, But Act Now And You Can Get All Of Them For Only $297,
A Savings Of Over 54%!

In fact, we're so sure that you (and your intern) will be so blown away by the powerful information inside EACH Easy Intern Assignment™, we're making the following guarantee:

Go through each Easy Intern Assignment™. If you find just 1 that doesn't help you, simply contact us for a prompt refund, and we'll STILL let you keep the rest of them, just as our way of saying "THANKS" for trying us out & giving us a chance to earn your business.

Act Now And You'll Get ALL Of These "Easy Intern Assignments".

All of these expert faculty members ROUTINELY charge at least $500 per hour, many of them over $750 an hour for a personal session, so to get all of them for only $297 is an incredible value.

So go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button below, and we'll see you inside the members area!

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PS- If you tried to contact any of the faculty individually, nearly all of them would bill you for a minimum of $500 for a 1 hour consultation. This is a MUCH better value.

PPS- Simply hand each Easy Intern Assignment™ directly to your intern, and be amazed at the results they produce and what they come back to you with

PPPS- Don't have your first intern yet? No problem! You or anyone else on your team can take these Easy Intern Assignments™ and make an immediate impact on your business.