Make sure you're in compliance with our
"Unpaid Internship Legal Kit"


Here's What's Included When You Order You "Unpaid Internship Legal Kit" today:

(All of the documents have been reviewed and/or prepared by our attorney, also legal counsel to NACE, the National Association Of Colleges & Employers)

  • Our "Unpaid Internship Understanding of Agreement"
  • A 64 minute "Legal Briefing" webinar training by our attorney
  • The "Unpaid Internships Are You Breaking The Law" Special Report

For only $37 today you can instantly access the legal briefing webinar training, the special report, and even a customizable (word) version of the unpaid internships understanding of agreement.

If you're thinking about offering someone an unpaid internship and you haven't reviewed our webinar, the special report, and you don't have an agreement for your (unpaid) intern to sign, you're exposing yourself and your business unnecessarily.

Make sure you have all of the facts, and get them from one of America's leading labor attorneys (who is also the lead attorney for NACE, the National Association Of Collegers & Employers), who shares some shocking information in minute 4 of the webinar!

Order today and you'll be able to instantly download the documents and the training inside our members area.

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Justin and Dreama Lee

PS- Hiring unpaid interns, if you follow the law, can be great for your business. Not following the law is simply foolish. Don't expose yourself, or your business. Make sure you have all of the facts.